8ft Exploradome Rotation Hardware Installation

Dave Menzer

OK, before we start, because I am cheap (or my wife allows me a very limited budget for astronomy) and not too smart, I have an 8ft Exploradome I purchased 2 years ago that I will now attempt to retroactively add rotation automation too (english?). I think I have all the requisite parts courtesy of Damon at Polydome, motor mounts, rotation home sensor and the white plastic pieces (3) that correspond to the nobby wheel that attaches to the servo that drives all of this. I plan to implement my version of KathyAstro's Arduino controller for rotation control. 

So, the question is: Are there any tricks, hints or tribal knowledge on how best to attache the white plastic with the holes in it to the aluminum rotation wheel that the dome sits on?

I'm not too proud, and very visual so any learning curve photos are greatly appreciated. I will also cross post this in cloudy nights also, so hopefully I won't anger the moderator gods or helpful souls!