Automation and rain sensor


Hi, everyone. I will receive a new, fully automated Explora-dome in a month or so. I will move my CGEM II mount into the observatory. I'll upgrade the mount at a later time. I've been imaging a little over a year using an Asiair Pro. For the observatory I plan to use a Primaluce Lab Eagle 4 and probably NINA. I'll be able to connect all of my current gear to the Eagle (camera, guide camera, filter wheel, focuser, dew heaters) and have only one cable (power) going into my setup. I am trying to wrap my head around a plan for the dome controller and a rain sensor. For the rain sensor I'm leaning towards the Lunatico Cloudwatcher. Am I correct in that I'll have to connect the dome controller and the rain sensor to the Eagle(pc)? Or will I be able to connect the rain sensor directly to the dome controller and then the dome controller to the Eagle? I'm sure there are multiple ways to do this. I'm trying to form a plan to keep cabling coming into the setup to a minimum to avoid cable snags. If I must bring 2 usb cables into the setup, is it feasible to use a hub and bring only 1 usb cable into the setup? If I must bring a couple of usb cables into the setup, how might I prevent them from snagging or coming unplugged when slewing? The answers to my questions may be obvious, but I would appreciate any input, especially if anyone has a similar setup.

Clear skies,