pier Offset ?

Bob B

i just purchased a new Dome   EDII
i havea Meade LX 200 GP@ 14" scope on a wedge and Piertec Pier/

the required offset is 20"south to get to horizon ( which i have aclear view of )

what will i be miss IF I put the Pier in the center --in the future i may DE[Fork the 14" and move to a GEM......so i am wondering what to do .

thanks, bob


Making sure that the telescope will not contact the dome when pointing in any direction is a reason a pier offset might be needed.
Also, at certain azimuth positions, the slit will look narrower to the telescope, so make sure you do not restrict the light into the scope aperture.
Automation software can handle most mismatches in RA/DEC intersection and dome center.
I suggest you contact Piertech for their expert opinion.

Bob B