Shutter Weather Seal

Dave Menzer


I had some snow dust work thru the shutter opening last winter, so one of my summer projects has been to investigate a brush seal for the shutter, similar to  the seal at the bottom of the dome. I have been working with:

Memtech, Inc.
9033 General Drive
Plymouth, MI 48170

PN F001.8MIL 144" 3.5" Assembly

and they have been great, sending me samples, no charge!, and checking in to see how it went. It looks like a 3.5-4" long brush is what is needed, and I have ordered 24 feet of it to do the shutter. I will update after installation on the friction level, as that is my main concern, but I don't expect it to be a deal breaker.


David Clemmons


Dave, thanks for sharing your idea. Can you post some pictures of your installation? I used two inch and one inch window air conditioning weatherseal, held in place by Alien Tape. I put that in place fall of 2021, the only time I saw any snow coming in was when we had a blizzard with 45 mph winds. It left a very small layer of snow dust. I had to use different sizes because the gap varies across the width of the shutter. 

David Clemmons 

Dave Newbury

LOL - another Dave/David here!  I too would be interested where you go with this. Attached are some examples of what I've done to date, but still interested in opportunities for improvement.

My winters are long with many snow storms and horizontal snow of varying types. Before "hardening" I would get a few snow incursions per winter. Now I might get one or two of lesser significance.  Still occasionally have issue of snow/ice building up on brush bristles and then freezing up solid - hampering ability of dome to rotate (and thus worry about motor getting overloaded).

Three main focus areas:
1) Bottom of dome along circular track (used simple "brush seal")
2) Edge along sides of upper shutter (used simple "brush seal")
3) Gap at end of upper shutter where it mates up with lower shutter (used block of hard foam, cut to fit)

Exploradome used to sell lengths of the brush as a kit (with instructions for installation). Not sure if they still do (but maybe worth asking?).  Attached are instructions that came with the kit.

Clear Skies,

PS. Though I had made a previous post on this, including pictures, when I disassembled the upper shutter to attach the brush seals. But can't seem to find in the archive (old Yahoo groups postings). And I've since lost those pictures to a HDD crash.